Post HSC


OK there is ONE thing I ultimately want to do but I know that my mum will never let me do it in a million years so I either have to lie to her/do it without her knowing (which is hard af) and I don’t want to do either 

it’s sky diving btw and I love adrenaline I need to do this but I know mum will never let :( :( :( :( :( :( 

also, we have two months left to send in our applications for uni wtf????

whose going to usydddddddddd :D 

i wanna go usyyyyyddddd !!



i tried coffee with one teaspoon of sugar (I normally don’t put sugar at all)

and it was so gross

i couldn’t finish it

how do people drink coffee with sugar its not even authentic it tastes so artificial and sweet and ugh


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emily why are you still awake ahahhaha


Assignment :D
Sherry what abt you? Hahaha

study for 4u T__T should be sleeping soon tho 

im so tired sdjfaljdflsjflsjdlfjlasdjfiojfd

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so the birth of jess occurred sometime in the easter holidays 

the so beloved jes with the occasion jessl (pronounced jesyl) has grown into jeslflskdjfoiweldadflsjdf 

and it sucks

it sucks tbh 

it really sucks……

g0 aw3y frm hr plz. 

u ovr steid ur waelcum

wow fuck off sherry

i wasnt even referring to you (?????????)

L was bolded before the spam 

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